18 heinäkuuta 2008

Sun Maid raisin girl

While at Ilosaari, someone thought I looked like the girl on the package of Sun Maid raisins. He then felt the need to yell it out loud. Now that I compare me and her, I don't see a slightest resemblance other than, what, a bow and a scarf? Maybe without seeing the package, one could remember she looks like me, because even I had to check it from the internet the following day. I was horrified all people thought I was dressed up as a Sun Maid girl on purpose :)

So just to be clear, Me:

Sun Maid girl:

EDIT// I was book-tagged by the lovely Freelancer's fashionblog. I have to grab a book nearest to me and find a page 123. Then I have to quote the fifth sentence and the following three. Surprise, surprise, Irvine Welsh's "The bedroom secrets of the master chefs" happened to be the nearest. I need to translate it into English first.

"Then he followed after a couple of minutes. They were hoping no one would think they were drinking buddies. /At office people, however, didn't gossip about their drinking, but about the losses Kibby and Skinner had been going through. People's sympathies were more with Kibby than Skinner and Skinner had definitely noticed it."

I won't tag anyone this time!

3 kommenttia:

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

You're way cuter than the Sun Maid Girl!

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

You're way cuter than the Sun Maid Girl!

Betty Lou kirjoitti...

haha jag ser ingen likhet. du har ju ingen hätta :D