16 heinäkuuta 2008

Small town thrifting

So I have infectio acuta respiratoria superior non specificata. What a funny way of saying "flu". I'm off from work until Monday, yay!

I managed to do some thrifting while in Joensuu and Ville's little hometown nearby. I found this long dress that I modified to a shorter one. I'm still thinking about taking off those pockets, but I'm afraid the fabric inside the pockets is darker than the rest. So I guess it's better to leave it that way.



Now it's more me.

Other finds I made are these two dresses. Photographed hanging like that (and unironed) doesn't do them any justice, but I was too tired to put them on, let alone take pictures of my sick self...

This is self-made by someone and it fits me like a glove. Now I only need accessories to match. It was 3,5 euros.

This one reminds me of a cleaning lady, but when it's on, it looks much better. This was 1 euro.

The polka dot belt was 70 cents.

Scarves were 50 cents each