22 toukokuuta 2008

Thursday 22nd

I found these shoes for 1 euro in Joensuu. They fit perfectly. I should learn to wear heels, since they're good to ones posture and I have a posture from hell! No wonder my back is aching all the time.

anyways. Our trip to Joensuu was great, but once I again I noticed two days isn't enough to stay. It takes 4 to 5 hours to drive, so when you get there you almost already have to drive back.

I've had really hard time falling a sleep and waking up these past couple of weeks. Luckily (?) I work two shifts, so every two weeks I'm able to sleep long, but then again, I wouldn't want to waste my time sleeping... I think I'd better activate somehow, I haven't been doing anything since my boyfriend got his own laptop. Now all we ever do is lay on bed both doing our own stuff on the internet. Pathetic life.

This weekend I want to go see this exhibition. I'm most definitely also going to fix my bike! and ride bikes! (yeah right)

My outfit today:

Top: H&M ages ago, I've dyed it pink and it has a pin up -girl in front
Skirt: Lindex.
Shoes: Outcast (loving them)

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Seinäruusunen kirjoitti...

upea tyyli siulla! harmi että kirjoitukset on englanniksi, oon siinä niin pirun huono että en oikeen kaikkia ymmärrä mutta kuvia katselen. linkitän siut blogiini ja tulen uudelleenkin!

anna kirjoitti...


tarkoituksena oli alunperin kirjoittaa vain suomeksi, mutta jotenki se vaan vääntyy aina englanniksi :) ehkä välillä jotain suomeksikin yritän...