15 toukokuuta 2008


I ordered these beauties from Outcast. I'm hoping to get them delivered to work tomorrow, cos I want to wear them during our trip to Joensuu (me and my boy are going to be drivers for our friends' band Drunken Troopers). I'm also looking forward to visiting some thrift stores there, small town thrifting is the best!

Now some chamomile tea and off to sleep. Good Night!

Oh and let's be hopeful we won't end up doing this again on the road (like we did two weeks back...)

2 kommenttia:

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

heey you! the auction kept going by itself for a week more when it had no bids apparantly. and noone bid this time either so i still have it if you want it? just get in touch! /Karin

anna kirjoitti...

I still want it! how much are you asking for it?

what about the payment, should I pay through paypal or make a money transfer? (haven't figured out paypal yet, so it'd be nicer to make a transfer I guess...)