14 toukokuuta 2008

Me last Saturday at the nearby hills, drinking beer!

I love those stockings (they're thrifted), but quite many people thought I had moles in my legs. ewww! T-shirt is from Nitrobabe.

2 kommenttia:

monaka kirjoitti...

you look so pretty anna!

it's monika here. do you remember me? :) nice to see you blogging. how is life? what are you doing now? take care xoxo.

anna kirjoitti...

oh yes, I do remember you. of course :) but I can't remember when was the last time we were in contact? ages ago, i guess.

life's pretty alright and stable. we bought a flat at the end of last year and I also have a permanent job. I work at a company that makes paper/fabric prints and I'm on the fabric dept. sewing and finishing the posters.

ok, I need to catch up your life from your blog now :)