03 lokakuuta 2011

Saturday in mostly black

Saturday is my most favourite day, especially if I get to do stuff. Too often I end up hanging out at home getting bored and don't bother to do anything about it. Some might call it a well deserved rest, but I still feel guilty for it. There are Saturdays, though, that are filled with action, so maybe that balances the whole picture, doesn't it?

Last Saturday (after having a good lazy breakfast, cleaning up a bit, going to the gym, going shopping etc.) I met up with my co-worker and we went for a sushi. Blessed be Russia for its many sushi restaurants.

Later on we went for a limousine ride with other co-workers, it was my first time. The theme of the night was black&pink, but as the picture above shows, I was more into black. Had a pink hairflower, pink nail polish and eye shadow, but of course forgot to take photos... Also our limousine was supposed to be pink, but it ended up being black. Definitely need to do this again some day! Or maybe next time the Party Bus, hmm...

After the limo ride we went to this one crappy night club, where I ended up hitting on one of the garderobe workers there. I've got no idea how he looked like or what's his name, all I have is his number saved in my phone with a name "Takki" which (logically) is coat in English. Hah, that's really the closest I have been to getting out on a date for like 4 months :)

So the conclusion for the weekend is that I'm too old to party so hard. Today has been a second day of hangover (mental), which was partially cured by going to Pilates class during the work day. Felt like a human again after it :)

4 kommenttia:

Anna kirjoitti...

HAHAHA Takki. Love the logic of the drunken mind.

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

siis ootko katossa tuol limossa. :D ja haluun party bussiin, niiku sinne boatillekin.


Buzzkillbettie kirjoitti...
Kirjoittaja on poistanut tämän kommentin.
anna kirjoitti...

Anna: yep :) haven't heard anything from Takki, though. maybe I should go there again this Saturday (undercovered of course) to stalk on him and see what Takki is like :)

Lare: hehe joo, katossa :D katossa oli peili siis. ainii ja kuski sano et naiset saa stripata, miehet ei, ihanat säännöt :)

Buzzkillbettie: juu tää on hieman on-offia tää miun bloggaaminen, mut missään vaiheessa en oo ajatellu lopettaa, vaikka taukoa tulee helposti kuukausia :)