02 lokakuuta 2011

hangover day

I think I've made a post about Udelnaya before, but who's counting.. I'm happy my lovely flatmate forced me out of bed around noon, I was suffering from hangover. So the day was spent doing thrifting and also the hangover was almost gone. Did make some pretty good finds there, but I think I'll make some kind of a post about them later on.

I was wearing a jacket I bought just last week, it's second hand. Bought it from some random girl (@ internet) and when we met, I didn't actually like the jacket, but felt obliged to buy it, so I did. And don't regret it at all, love the jacket to bits already.

On our way we saw this orchestra. Quite entertaining.

This cat was selling her belongings there.

I wanted to join this man for a nap.

Granny <3 Which reminds me, I bought a pair of granny glasses for 100 rubles. How easy is that, no prescription needed.

I faked myself to look all fresh despite the hangover.
Red lipstick and tadaa, the day is saved!

6 kommenttia:

Miss Tallulah Porkchop kirjoitti...

Hungover, but still cute!

anna kirjoitti...

eheh, thanks :)

Dial V for Vintage kirjoitti...

You look lovely! I'm glad you decided to keep the coat, it's very pretty :).

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

hei youre so sweet bird!

what kind of music you love the most?

anna kirjoitti...

I think so too :) it just needed some altering and it's fine!

when it comes to music, I'm not one genre type of a girl, but closest to my heart is ska, rocksteady, soul, punk, rockabilly, cuntry and that kind of stuff. lately I've been strangely a lot into classical music as well, maybe I'm getting old :)

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

cool, same as me! could you name any bands/artists? you gotta a sensual face and cute blog I think=)!