28 tammikuuta 2011

resolutions for 2011

I know it's already almost end of January, but I'm still thinking about my New Year's resolutions. Or how would I put it, maybe just my resolutions leaving the New Year completely out of it. Last year I turned 30 and that's an age in which I truly started to realize I'm not getting any younger, yes, sounds like a chliché I know. But they usually are oh so true and that is why they are clichés :) Anyway, I realized it is time to not only decide to do something, but also DO some changes. I don't want to make any promises about this all, just want to think how I'd like to see the year 2011 in January 2012.

Pin-up calendar

This calendar was the best Christmas present I got (yes, I'm already living in February)! I never realized that marking down things has that big of a psychological effect. My goal for this year is to live more and stop spending so much time on the sofa, therefore I'm writing down all my activities from gym to exhibitions to gigs to whatever. As simple as that. No more "but I'm too tired! I rather stay at home!" -crap.

I'm listing here some of the things I'd like to do during the year 2011:

  • To travel. In a couple of weeks I'm gonna go on my first trip abroad this year, to Egypt (just wishing the situation there'd calm down by that...). This spring I also want to travel to Berlin for a long weekend and in my summer holidays I'm planning on traveling to Karelia on the Russia's side of the border and maybe to Baltic countries.
  • To learn to speak Russian better and better. At the moment I don't study it, just practise by speaking it on a daily basis.
  • To save money AS ADULTS DO. I'd like to buy my own appartment in Finland some day.
  • To work overtime ONLY one weekend per month. Just for the sake of mental health.
  • To have a (if not happy, at least) content mind most of the time. I can do it by excersising&sleeping enough, I've already seen the impact of it.
  • To eat healthy. Less sugar, hell with the addiction!
  • To be happy with my body as well. That means being one clothes size smaller, but I try not to be too hard on myself with this one. It'll come eventually.
  • To have more mercy on myself.
Well they all seem like small resolutions. But writing them down in public makes them more official and so I have to stick to them. Let's see in January 2012 how it went...

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