28 tammikuuta 2011

Maissi stole my contacts

Today was the first day I didn't have any fever, so I decided to go to work instead of calling the doctor, although I didn't feel so good yet. Besides, we only had like 2 hours of work, after which there would've been a party (I worked in an evening shift this week, not that we'd start partying in the morning here!). I didn't feel much like drinking nor socializing, but I wanted to something at least a bit fun after staying inside for three whole days. So we went for a sushi and also dropped by this 2nd hand but I didn't find anything there, as usual.

This morning my contact lenses were missing. They just weren't there in the liquid anymore and I swore I put them in it on Monday when I last wore them... Strange. Happens to be they were my last couple, so I have to wear glasses until I get new ones. But anyway it's a nice change to use glasses every now and then.

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