10 toukokuuta 2010

Thrifting in Spb

Yesterday I went second hand shopping in Udelnaya (metro Удельная). I wasn't really expecting to find anything, at least anything vintage, since lot of the stuff there is brought from Finland and the prices are a lot higher than 2nd hand in Finland (now I know why there are always lots of Russians buying heaps of clothes at Valtteri, for example :)). Anyhow, I did make some vintage finds, I'll dedicate a post for them later.

I only took pics from the far end of the second hand, where people sell their things on the ground. There is also a part in which there're tables as well, but in my opinion the very end of the market is more fascinating, lots of old Soviet stuff etc.

And since it was a Day of Victory, some of the sellers were a bit hmmm tired, so to speak.

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Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Paras toi tyyppi joka "nukkuu"!

t: Laura-sis

anna kirjoitti...

haha no toi ei ollu vielä ees pahimmasta päästä! olis tarvinnu videokuvaa, kun yhessä "pöydässä" oli n. viis miestä kaupittelemassa tavaroitaan ja olivat niin änkyräkännissä et ne vaan möyrys siellä maassa :D