29 huhtikuuta 2010


I went for an evening walk the other day to test drive my new heels I haven't yet worn. It was also the first day I got to wear my jeans jacket! I'm thinking of challenging myself to wear heels every day for one week, because I too often go for comfortable Converse or some other flats.

Bread. (and I look like a pale goth ))

Now I'm wishing you all a happy 1st of May and leave work to have dinner at Idiot. I love the place even though it is a bit too touristic to my taste. But they do serve very good vegetarian dishes and offer free vodka with meals :)

6 kommenttia:

the freelancer's fashionblog kirjoitti...

Free vodka with meals ey? Ei paha :)

Hauskaa vappua!

ina kirjoitti...

A Dostoyevskii-restaurant, wow! It both looks and sounds good, I have to remember that (even if it's touristy, but sometimes kitch is good, too).

Счастливый Первомай!

muija kirjoitti...

Oh, the only time I've visited St. Petersburg I went to Idiot, really nice vegetarian food!
I'm so happy to discover that you are back to blogging and to read about your adventures in Russia, sooo exciting!

Sini kirjoitti...

Hei, mistä toi farkkutakki on hankittu muuten+

anna kirjoitti...

Ulrika: yes, but just one shot :/

Ina: indeed, it has a nice atmosphere. worth visiting for, I recommend :)

Muija: I'm thinking of making a post of vegetarian restaurants here, eventhough there are only just a couple (but that's more than the veggie restaurants in Helsinki, for example...)

Sini: se on Tallinnasta, joku aika randomikauppa, en muista nimee... pitäs hommaa joku kivempi.

Sini kirjoitti...

Joo, kun miulla on farkkutakin etsintä käynnissä. Ainut hyvä ollut tähän mennessä Leviksen, mutta hinta taas ei hirveästi sydäntä lämmitä.