25 toukokuuta 2010

New Hoods

Dress: Fred Perry
Shoes: Fred Perry
Purse: vintage

(I wish I could stand behind the statement, but sadly I'm not a vegan.)

On Sunday we went for a long walk at the new hoods. I am moving to a one room flat next week, two metro stations from my current flat, which means daily commuting to work. But I don't really complain, the area is much nicer than the one I'm living at now and the flat itself is kind of cute, for example there's a pink bathroom and a piano in the living room. Can't wait to move!

Incidentally, I found out that near by the new flat there's a Troitskii Most, a vegetarian restaurant/cafe, which I recommend to everyone visiting St. Petersburg.

2 kommenttia:

this charming gal kirjoitti...

wish i could go vegan too but i love meat! lol love the dress by the way:) you are gorgeous!

anna kirjoitti...

I'm a drop out vegetarian actually, since I eat fish every now and then... lately, though, I've started to pay more attention to what I put in my mouth, I guess it's the age. I'm not getting any younger and all that crap :)