25 toukokuuta 2010

boring me/nice backgrounds/nice things

One word that could describe my outfits lately is BORING. Mostly I've been wearing only black skirts (that definitely can be seen in outfit pics hah) and some black top. I have no idea how that happened since before I've played with colours quite a lot. Maybe it's because of the weight I've gained or the fact that I live in Russia and try to look as "normal" as possible... I have made myself a promise to pay more attention to clothing again. Since I am loosing weight it is more pleasant and of course because it is summer, it's more fun. So hopefully we'll get to see more interesting outfits in the future. Lately it has really been more about interesting backgrounds :)

However, even if my clothing has been boring and plain, I've realized my taste in other things has changed quite a lot and I completely blame Russia for it :) I used to like everything Scandinavian, simple designs. Now I'm all "the more, the prettier", I love everything ornamental, romantic and things a bit too over the top so to speak...
(That cute little box above I got from my boyfriend as a 3-month-anniversary gift. The polkadot bow underneath is just a bow I bought a couple of weeks back, nothing special :))

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