27 huhtikuuta 2010

trailer trashing

Last weekend I spent in Finland near the border at our summer cottage. It had been hectic two weeks of working so traveling to countryside helped a bit (although I had to do some outdoor working there, as usual...). Anyways, there's a lot of interesting old stuff there, I wish I had a home I could take some of the things to.

We had some sparkling wine in the trailer (yes, our actual cottage is under construction, so we have to live in a trailer there...). Trailer and sparkling wine don't really match in my opinion :)

And just because this is supposed to be a style blog of some kind, I'll introduce a part of my lovely outfit of the weekend. Isn't it just relaxing when you don't really have to think about the way you look every now and then?

2 kommenttia:

Nooruska kirjoitti...

Lovely photos! i really like the old deco stuff.

anna kirjoitti...

thanks! me too, I love all rustic things. I could spend hours there just to watch them.