27 huhtikuuta 2010


My sister truly knows what I like the most. We decided to start sending little packages to each others just to cheer up a day a bit. I concider myself the same kind of a package/parcel lover as Ulrika, nothing makes a day better than a real post! I also love receiving and writing old school letters and postcards (which I do too rarely, must admit...). So I was really delighted to get that Hello Kitty mirror and hair accessories from sis.

This is me and her in Rome. Matching striped t-shirts. I wish I could hang out with her more often.

4 kommenttia:

ina kirjoitti...

Mmm.. I'm expecting not one, but two parcels soon!

anna kirjoitti...

I'm suffering because I cannot order anything big here (although I've got a Finnish post box address), cos it costs extra... I order to my sister's address in Finland and then get everything at once when I see her. I can't decide if it's good or bad :)

Mosquito Head Madchen kirjoitti...

Ohh.. it's been a month or so since I haven't received anything.. I need something NOW! And my penfriends are not penfriends anymore because I've changed residence.. I have to do something.
By the way, I'm Georgina from Barcelona and it's been a while since I started following you although I had never written anything..

anna kirjoitti...

Oh hi Georgina! nice that you introduced yourself :)
I had completely forgotten the word "penfriend" so it took a while I completely understood the meaning of your sentence :) I used to have loads and loads of penpals when I was younger and then internet took over. what a shame :/