01 huhtikuuta 2010

tattoos and stuff

During the past half a year I've got tattooed almost on a monthly basis. Last week I was shocked how tattooed I really am, but I'm plannning to get more and more tattoos. Once you begin, you cannot really stop :) My head is filled with ideas of future tattoos and at the moment I have to pictures on my chest my artist (or master) needs to colour.

This "Finka" -tattoo was actually a friend of mine's idea (I wonder why I didn't come up with it myself...). It's a dagger/knife with a banner that says Finka in it, which means both Finnish woman and a knife. That must be the most patriotic act I've ever done or ever will do :)

Umm and maybe I don't need to explain why I wanted to have a matryoshka tattooeed on my skin :) in fact the whole left half sleeve will be a Russian appreciation arm. just need to figure out what else I want there.

This Madonna statue I bought in Rome. Although I'm not a believer of any sort, I consider myself spiritual, so at some point it will be decorating my leg. Maybe next month, already :)

3 kommenttia:

Liberty and In Dependence kirjoitti...

Fantastic ink! Tattoos are like potato chips - you can never have just one.

the freelancer's fashionblog kirjoitti...

Aaaaaaih! Mä haluun kans lisää kuvii mutta mä ostin äsken sen jääkaapin ja pitää vielä remppaa kokonainen kämppä että nuo rahat taitaa nyt lähiaikoina mennä siihen...

anna kirjoitti...

Yeah, it's a bad addiction... Or good? Can't really tell :)

No mutta se jääkaappi onkin ihanuus! Ai mitäs kämppää oot alkamassa remppaamaan?