29 maaliskuuta 2010


It has been a long time without blogging, I know. I've missed the whole thing going around blogging and of course people whose blogs I used to read and comment to, but for some reason i haven't been able to make a post. I blame it on this winter, which has been unbelievably cold and hard, new things in life, moving to other country, having no internet at home and yeah, not having had the time/energy to dress up nicely every day.... But I hope this is going to change, after all, St. Petersburg has the loveliest scenes to photograph, especially in the summer time. And living in Russia gives and excuse to wear pretty clothes and high heels on a daily basis!

I'll share some picture from last autumn, not any outfit pictures this time, but I hope they'll follow. Life has been pretty ordinary here and it's been quite easy to adjust. At the moment I am living with a roommate, but after a couple of months I'm moving in together to live with my boyfriend :) life surprises you sometimes, doesn't it?

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