02 elokuuta 2008

Annoyances of the week 31

1. "Oh, is that in fashion now?". It's really annoying when you're wearing something that's definitely not in fashion, someone comes and uses that phrase. Why on earth people don't realize that not everyone is or wants to be fashionable? Some people have their own styles and it can be very insulting to say such thing to them. At least I find those situations very awkward.

2. People having the need to define or categorize other people. I'm fine with just being who I am, categories have never been my thing and I'm happy I don't have to choose a side or a sub-culture. It'd be very distracting.

But why I wanted to point this as an annoyance is that someone at work referred to me as a rocker and thought I like heavy metal. Yeah, right! It was a bit hilarious, though, but it got me thinking about how other people see me. I've also been referred to as a retro, psychobilly, rockabilly, punkrocker, pin up... you name it. I don't need labels, but maybe other people do to understand?

3. "This is something men should do". Usually I hear this from a certain person at work. We sometimes lift quite heavy things (not uber-heavy, though), which is definitely not a problem to me (since I'm strong, haha). There is no such thing to me as women's and men's work, I think both sexes can do anything they are capable of. Why complain about something you can do? And every time? Maybe she hasn't been raised as I am but please, just stop complaining, you can't get a man to lift and that's it. Besides, isn't it overestimating mens capabilities? Not every man is strong. It's like thinking every woman can cook better than men. Which we all know is not true.

Sorry about the rant. I just felt the need to write these down. And just so this wouldn't be text only, I'll leave you with some pictures of my my bike! I got it last Monday and I love it to bits. I wish I could bike all the time. I feel very very sorry for my old bike for dumping it :(

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Mrs Munster kirjoitti...

That was a good rant! I would say that I'm a rocker, cause to me that covers more or less everything from rockabilly to 80's hair rock, that I love. But I do know what you mean. People always ask whether I'm a goth. Errr, no I'm not. Obviously if you have black hair and like bit heavier music than you "Now that's what I call pop", you must be a goth. ANNOYING! Great bike, btw.

the freelancer's fashionblog kirjoitti...

I also dislike it whne you label someone something certain. Somtimes it helps to categorize people if you just want ot refer to something quickly buyt I would never label myself anything specific. Or, then I'd label myself a lot of things but never put myself in just one cathegoty.

And I so know what you're talking about whne it comes to "woment shouldn't do that". You read the STM-article so you know of one of the jobs that I do; you can imnagine and I heard comments like that a lot at some point!

Outi kirjoitti...

yeah, this women's work thing is such bullshit; they sure are for lightweights all; like nursing, where you have to really lift fully grown people, even over-weight people by hand..idiots.