01 kesäkuuta 2008


Yesterday I woke up already at 07:30, had breakfast and headed thrifting and grocery shopping. Then in the evening a friend of ours had a graduation party. Now I'm feeling a bit hungover, I woke up at 8 already.

This is me and my boyfriend before going to the party. I really need to post a picture of him not wearing sunglasses! I bought that green sweater yesterday, had to take it in a bit (and I did it in a hurry just before leaving as usual). Brooch, bandana and purse are thrifted as well, skirt is the same old Lindex one.

This is Laura and me, she graduated as a tailor.

And one of me. My boobs look weird.

2 kommenttia:

MouMou kirjoitti...

Alin asusi on ihana!:O<3

Charlotte kirjoitti...

The light green of your outfit is so amazing! I love it.