04 kesäkuuta 2008


Loves of this week:
  • Summer
  • Getting back in contact with old friends through Facebook (I gave in!)
  • Radio Helsinki
  • Having the best workmates ever!
  • Being able to sleep long
  • Watching L-word
  • Sex and the City Movie premieres this Friday FINALLY
Haven't yet decided what to wear Sex and the City. What troubles the whole thing is that I'm going there right after work, so I have to get ready at my work place, which sucks of course. I tried on some dresses today, but am not sure whether I like them.

Dress number one is self-made (or self-altered from an old one)

And dress number two is thrifted. The hem-line needs to be fixed.

Of course I need to do something with my hair, too. And find matching accessories.

4 kommenttia:

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Both of our glasses are from Optiikkahuone at Fredrikinkatu 22. They have a great selection of unused vintage glasses, I love that place!
I like your blog, you have great style!

Outi kirjoitti...

i'd go for number two, it's quite sex and the cityish :)

Mrs Munster kirjoitti...

I really like your hair! I've been wanting to have whitish stripe on my hair for a while. So, what did you think of SATC?

anna kirjoitti...

muija: well I guess I'll have to check their selection, I guess I've passed their window sometimes and admired some frames there.

Thanks a lot, so do you!

Outi: I went for another blue dress, which was quite boring. I'll post a picture of it later maybe...

mrs munster: I loved SATC! I want to see it again soon... I got really emotional while watching it, sex and the city has always done that to me :)