25 kesäkuuta 2008


I'm dying to go to our summer cottage, haven't been there since early May. There has been something every weekend, so we hadn't had the time, but a bit over a week and we'll be there! I'm going to miss the place a bit; my parents are going to build a new one on its place... not too soon, I hope.


These pictures hang on the wall there, they're adorable yet a bit creepy in a way. I avoid looking those girls in the eye since I'm afraid they might wink at me or something... It'd be nice to know who they are, though.

Today I've felt dizzy twice. Hopefully it's nothing serious.

3 kommenttia:

Mrs Munster kirjoitti...

That's just beautiful. I'm starting to miss our summer cottage now. This is the second summer I haven't been to Finland! Harsh.

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Aaah, what beautiful pictures! Makes me really miss summer in Finland and my mökki. I won't be able to go there this year, which breaks my heart.. well, well..
I added you on my blogroll, if that's ok? Greetings from Norway!

anna kirjoitti...

mrs munster: thank you, it's pretty idyllic there. I wish I had more vacation than those pathetic 5 days, so I could spend more time there...

muija: that suis me perfectly, if you noticed, I've added you to my favourites, too :)

But you seem to have a nice time there in Norway, too!