19 elokuuta 2011

It's me

Hi! I just realized there has been a pause of almost half a year, time flies so fast these days! All summer I thought I should really post something, well, summery as my last post was made in February... But now it's almost autumn already. And here I am, posting pictures taken in Midsummer...

This has been a good summer, though. Short but good. I have done almost nothing worth mentioning, yet I feel like I've done a lot. Taken short trips nearby, in Finland and in Russia. Even have had some adventures here in the city. It's nice to live in city of 5 million people, so much to see, so much to experience.

During this summer I also decided to continue my contract for yet another year. I had already kind of decided to move somewhere else, but here I am :) Probably for the rest of my life, haha.

Ok, this was just a short notification to inform that I'm still alive, doing alright! Going to continue blogging every now and then in the future, hopefully more often than twice a year :)


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