09 helmikuuta 2011

no point in this post

I feel so selfish posting so many pictures of myself here... But then again, I've noticed most of my sentences in this blog start with a word "I", so I (there it is again!) guess I'll have to come to a conslusion this blog is about me and my life. And therefore it is completely ok to post pics of me. No need to feel bad about it, Anna!

This week I've had time to do my hair before work. I've had time to dress up nice. And I've felt a bit better in my body because I'm finally losing weight as planned. Ok this makes me feel like a selfish, shallow person again, but needless to say, how you look like affects the way you feel (plus vice versa, of course).

I've done some shopping this week, went to Miss Selfridge so many times that the sales assistant already remembered me today. I'm too ashamed to go there again, but there's this one really cute bag that I would happily have... hmmm mmm...

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