06 helmikuuta 2011

Die Bitch

I have became very fond of that jacket. I bought it over a year ago but it always felt somewhat not me. Maybe it's the fake fur that I added to it or some kind of a change in me, don't know, but I'm happy I didn't throw it away or sell it.

Weekend was really nice , yet too short as usual. Didn't get to go skating as planned, because it was snowing but instead we went to this Horror St. Petersburg "exhibition" (couldn't find a web site sadly). It was kind of a show in which the partisipants well, participated and it was scary at times. Although, the thing that scared me the most was the thought that some of the actors would say something to me during the show and I wouldn't understand anything :) I tried to hide behind other people most of the time... hard being a foreigner sometimes.

I made tomate soup yesterday and it turned out the best soup I've ever cooked. God I love cooking!

PS. In case anyone was wondering about the headline, it is translated from a "slogan" that's written on the first picture.

3 kommenttia:

Dial V for Vintage kirjoitti...

Cute jacket, I love how you've paired it with the fur! I hope it keeps you warm :).

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Ihanat maatuskat tuossa soppakulhon alla! :)

Mirette kirjoitti...

niin nätti oot :)