12 huhtikuuta 2010

This is an official outfit post

I've cut my hair recently quite a lot. It's so much easier that way and maybe it suits me better too? All my life since childhood I've had a short hair, with just a couple of exceptions once in a while, but then I usually just cut it. For more than ten years I have cut my hair myself, for some reason I don't trust hairdressers... Should, however, get over with that fear and make an appointment, it would be such a nice treat.

On Friday I finally went and got my locks on my chest colored. A little bit of them can be seen in the picture. I still need to figure out where to tattoo the keys to :)

Love the wallpaper in our kitchen.

Top: Garageland

Skirt: Zara, Rome

Shoes: some shop in St. Petersburg

Purse: vintage

And just before leaving for an allnighter Trojan sound system. Had a fun night, but now I'm paying for it. Thank god for Pilates on Mondays, it's always such a good way to start a week.

7 kommenttia:

Fiona Timantti kirjoitti...

You look so cute!
And i love that wallpaper!

Ruby Roulette kirjoitti...

Your hair looks great! And yes the wallpaper is really very cool.

Emma kirjoitti...

And I third that, your Amelie bob is to die for! I'm pleased to have found your blog, especially in English :)

anna kirjoitti...

thank you :)
I'll be sad to move because of the wallpaper but hopefully I'll find a flat with even more Russian style (or Soviet :))

the freelancer's fashionblog kirjoitti...

Joo sovit tosi hyvin kyhisiin hiuksiin, tukkasi näyttää upealta!

anna kirjoitti...

thänks :) se on vielä onneks sen pitunen kuitenkin et saa tehtyä kivoja kampauksia yms.

muija kirjoitti...

Your hair looks amazing and you are sooo cute!