15 huhtikuuta 2010

2 months

Well I do need some more prettiness in my life, too. Today is me and my boyfriend's two month "anniversary" and we were thinking of going to some museum or something. I could really use the inspiration from art -- at the moment I'm so much craving for a flat of my own, that really would feel like home, not some temporary accommodation. I also feel like I should pay some more attention to my clothing and the little details to feel well groomed. Now it feels as I don't have any time for those things listed, time is just slipping out of my hands somehow.

(^pasha from Easter)

Other than that, I might be taking a little exciting spring trip on my own in a couple of weeks. If I won't get a car ride from my co-worker to go to Finland, I'll take a train/bus to Vyborg from where a taxi/bus/train to Svetogorsk (which is right next to Finnish border). I cannot cross the border on foot (for some odd reason), so I need to take some random car ride to get to Finland side of the border (or my father will fetch me from Svetogorsk). I could make this all in an easy way and take a train to Vainikkala, Finland, but I think I've became a little bit Russian here, I need to do evvverything in a very difficult way, nothing is simple :)

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