17 huhtikuuta 2010

2 months vol. 2

We kind of continued our 2-month anniversary yesterday. He gave me a rose and as a Finnish girl I'm not really used to being treated like that. What a pity, to be honest. Every girl in the world should be treated with flowers every once in a while.

After all that we had a bubble bath and after that I was so ready for bed. To SLEEP, you pervs, my life is just about work these two weeks, so it's all I'm up to :)

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2 kommenttia:

the freelancer's fashionblog kirjoitti...

Onneksi olkoon :)

anna kirjoitti...

haha kiitos. tää on miun toisiksi pisin seurustelusuhde tähän mennessä :D aika teinixxx.