19 kesäkuuta 2009

Shoe rant

I saw the most perfect pair of heels while being in Tampere, they even were on sale. Now I regret I didn't buy them. I've been chasing after them here in Helsinki without any luck. I'm crying. Sniff.

This is what I was wearing yesterday. I thrifted the skirt in Tampere, hem line is a little bit too long, so I should shorten it. Top is just a basic tee from Seppälä. The bag that can be seen a little is from Mic Mac, I bought it cos I really needed a weekend bag. It's perfect.

These brown shoes were also thrifted in Tampere (hmm I guess they'll have to do for now, but they aren't the ones)

Here's the bag. My friend has the same bag, so we can't really go on a weekend trip together :)

3 kommenttia:

Emmi kirjoitti...

Toi leopardilaukku on tosi kiva. Mulla itelläni on kans toi (: Sinne mahtuu ihan kivasti tavaraa.

anna kirjoitti...

Niinpä, aika täydellinen viikonloppulaukku. Tosin itsellänihän on tietenkin tapana roudata vähintäänkin yksi nyssäkkä vielä lisäksi :)

meena meena kirjoitti...

i think those shoes are great!but i especially love the circle mirror beind you.