15 maaliskuuta 2009

Planning the future

On Friday I went to see a friend's band play at Lepakkomies. Weekends are definitely repeating each other. Should figure out something else for the next one.

Giraffe dress: thrifted H&M
Pink cardigan: Lindex

Seamed stockings: vintage

Heels: Din Sko
Purse: vintage

Hair Flower: vintage

Yesterday was spent with friends, hanging out at bars in Kallio. I ran into an old, dear friend of mine, who has rented a 100 square meter mansion (for 350 euros/month!) in some small town. Sounds like an ideal place to spend time during this summer. And if I lose my job, I might as well move there haha. Yeah, I'm a bit stressed out about the situation at work right now and planning my future. I have decided to go back to school in autumn, although it's not very tempting moneywise... Maybe I should get myself a rich man :)

3 kommenttia:

Little Rascal kirjoitti...

Girl! You always look so immaculate!

the freelancer's fashionblog kirjoitti...

I should get myself a rich man for sure but there just aren't any available it seems...

Maybe you still have to stick to your routine and head over to Lepakkomies for the next Club Wanted though?

anna kirjoitti...

oh, it's just one week away! Maybe I should, i missed the last one. And haven't been to Lepakkomies for a couple of weeks anyway :)