04 tammikuuta 2009


I have been absent for quite some time, sorry about that. My life has been a mess these couple of months, but now it's settled a bit due to moving to my own flat finally... I enjoy my life very much right now, I love my independence and freedom.

Yesterday I went out on a date and was able to wear heels since the guy was tall. I don't like to be taller than men with heels on and that happens easily. Anyways, yesterday I decided to start wearing heels more often, let that be my one and only resolution for the new year.

Now I'm dead tired although I took a nap earlier. Too much beer yesterday I guess :)

It' still a bit unfinished here as you can tell...

Had my hair in curls. It's getting longer and longer so fast, haven't had hair this long since I was a little girl.

Flower in hair: H&M
Jumper: Gina Tricot
Belt: Spiritstore
Skirt: Mexx

(for some reason I couldn't use the cropping tool, so that's why you can see all that mess in my apartment...)