03 elokuuta 2008

weekend went by too fast again

Yesterday night was a bbq-night, although the grill refused to work properly. Once again I had to eat bad tasting veggie sausages, cos I couldn't find those better ones. Afterwards we headed to Kallio to some bars and couldn't bike home (wouldn't want to get a ticket from drunk-biking), so we slept at friends' couch.

This is the dress I had on. Unfortunately I forgot to take a proper picture, this is taken on Thursday, while just trying the dress on. I bought it at Fida among with the purse. 10 euros altogether.

I had really pretty hair, but I don't have good pictures of it. This one shows how it was this morning, when it's no longer properly set.

Me and Ville went to have lunch at Soul Kitchen. Should go there more often, it has a nice atmosphere and decoration. And food, of course.

Me and my beloved bike on our way home.

2 kommenttia:

the freelancer's fashionblog kirjoitti...

I like your dress, it reminds me of one I have. And the shoes are cute, I should do some more shopping at CM I guess (no no no! No need for new shoes for me!)

I like SoulKitchen, it's close to me. Haven't been there in quite some time though.

You asked about the bands - I missed Blonde Redhead on thursday, Chancey & the Saints @Lepakkomies on friday and then Ankkarock on sat., mainly TigerArmy (Ina got a backstage pass from Nick13 and since she already had one she could have given it to me, but no, I was drinking tea and reading books in the archipelago at that time, buhuu. And then she met some of the TA guys in Loose. Damn!)

I really should learn to write shorter comments I guess :)

anna kirjoitti...

the freelancer's fashionblog: No no, long comments are the best in my opinion. It's like getting e-mail :)

I also wanted to see Tiger Army. It was the only band worth seeing there, so it would've been useless to pay so much for the entrance. I'm hoping they'll come back soon again...

I miss living in Kallio so much sometimes. But I know it wouldn't be good for my health; all the bars are too close, surely I'd use them as an extra living room...