10 elokuuta 2008

Reclaim the streets

Yesterday I was at Katu on punk street reclamation. Now I'm tired.

Accessories and shirt: thrifted
Skirt: H&M
Creeper sneakers: Underground

I had my hair in rolls again, but forgot to take a picture. Maybe you get a glimpse out of this one (I was about to wear this outfit, but then decided to change). I need to start photographing my hair when it's all done and set.

I booked the flights to Berlin. We'll be staying there from 22nd to 26th, so it's less than in two weeks. I haven't travelled anywhere else than Russia, Sweden and the Baltic states in years, so it's a good change.

If you have something to recommend about Berlin, please, do so. I'm mainly interested in shopping second hand and clubs&gigs and of course the basic (or not so basic) tourist attractions.

7 kommenttia:

Kitten kirjoitti...

You look faabulous :) Love both of the outfits!

Mrs Munster kirjoitti...

Both outfits are stunning. I love the creepers on the first photo. Haven't been to Berlin but my hubby lived there for few years and has good memories of it. Hope you have a nice holiday there! I'm sure there will be fantastic shops.

Isabella kirjoitti...

My goodness, you're absolutely stunning!

the freelancer's fashionblog kirjoitti...

Great outfits indeed!

When I'm in Berling I mostly hang out in Kreutzberg, since most of the people I know live there. There are some nice vintage shops on Wiener- and Oranierstrasse and a lot of cafés/bars around there. You should go to Wild at Heart and Tiki Heart (next to each other on Wienerstrasse). Tiki is both a bar and a shop and you get vegan burgers and breakfast etc. there too.

I also liked 8mm in Mitte (a bar). And then you have to go to White Trash (also Mitte)! It's a restaurant/bar/club/cabaret place.

Prenzlauerberg is a nice area too with lots of restaurants and shops.

Oh well, the whole city is great anyway.

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Nice outfit! I love the blue skirt with the cherries on.

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

You're so very pretty as always. Was the trip to Berlin good? Hope you're back in the blogging world soon, you're missed!

JANNIKE aka COOKIE kirjoitti...

wonderful outfits!