27 heinäkuuta 2008

active life

I've had a really good week, kind of decided to blog less and to live more. I met friends, went shopping and thrifting, biked a lot and even went jogging! Haven't been this active in months...

This is what I was wearing yesterday morning:

Top: H&M
Belt: thrifted
Skirt: vintage
Shoes: Spiritstore

And this was my outfit for the evening. I seem to like the colour combination of red and purple.

Top: thrifted
Belt: thrifted
Skirt: GT
Purse: vintage
Shoes: Säästöpörssi

We played two rounds of bingo at our friends' place and I won both times! I was rewarded with Bailey's shots.

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Jenny Penny kirjoitti...

I love polka dots!