27 toukokuuta 2008


I'm trying so hard not to nap this week. However, right now nothing would be better than crawling under warm blankets with The Boy and The Cat... mmm. napping is just heavenly.

Things I'm into right now:

  • Wearing contact lenses! I always thought they weren't for me, but I've completely got used to them already (but being honest, I cried a little while trying them on for the first time..)
  • Sex and The City Movie. I have tickets for the premiere, which is here on 6th of June. Can't wait!
  • I finally booked a time for a tattoo, it's on Friday the 13th. eep!
  • Thrifting, once again. I had a long period of time that I wasn't too into it. Now I'm at it again.
  • Coffee and cigarettes (habits that I don't have all the time, just periodically)
  • Napping. goddammit.
I found some pictures of my purses while going through old photos. And I also found a pic of a purse I didn't even remember I had! Today I need to gather all my courage and find my way to our dark storage and search for the purse:

This one I use almost on a daily basis:

I'm thinking of maybe selling this one, cos I've never used it.

2 kommenttia:

the freelancer's fashionblog kirjoitti...

Yes you really have to go dig that purse out. It's gorgeus!

Where are you going to take your tattoo at?

anna kirjoitti...

unfortunately I didn't find it at our storage room (too much stuff there..), so I have to make another trip there. Too bad.

I'm going to be tattooed at Paradise Tattoo. A friend of mine is an apprentice there and he's tattooed me a couple of times before. I should have booked the time earlier in spring, though, it's not very nice to have a healing tattoo when it's hot outside!